Use of Big Data to secure greater business efficiencies and create new service offerings is front of mind for all businesses of all sizes, including institutions and authorities. Challenges to adoption include questions on where data can reside, how secure the data is, who has access to the data, who can change the data, who can prove the history of the data in case of challenge and/or compromise. This impacts compliance, auditing, insurance and risk management of any company adopting. Governance addressing these issues is a pre-requisite to adoption to ensure any benefits outweigh risk and potential exposure.

Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) today announced its strategic partnership with industry leading security technology company, Guardtime to integrate KSI technology into Ericsson cloud portfolio to provide immutable evidence that will hold in court, and all associated capabilities are native and available at point of installation. 

The new offerings shall be forensically provable and all data shall have attribution with historical provenance. And evidence shall be portable and independently verifiable.

This means data owners can use big data with independently verifiable confidence, both for the data used and the third party services that can be offered off such an infrastructure. Third party customers of such infrastructure can trust their most precious asset, data, to the outsourced telecommunication and mobile carrier, with guarantees of ability to trust, verify, analyze and subsequently control previously diffuse outsourced enterprise operations.

Jason Hoffman, Vice President and Head of Cloud Software at Ericsson commented on the co-operation announcement: 

"Through the integration of Guardtime technologies into Ericsson's cloud portfolio real time integrity validation of customer's operations is possible enabling real-time detection and response to Advanced Persistence Threats (APTs), malicious insiders and corrupt practices. This enables even the most regulated industries to benefit from the economics of cloud infrastructure while maintaining compliance, improved threat protection and native forensics capabilities."

Matthew Johnson, CTO at Guardtime added: 

"We are pleased to work with our strategic partner Ericsson to support their cloud initiatives for Enterprise and Industrial Internet applications, bringing forward a new and fundamental form of cloud instrumentation. Together, this partnership solves forensic and governance challenges globally through the realization of massive scale data integrity and attribution capabilities."

Ericsson's cloud solution gives all businesses the ability to manage the vastness of their Big Data with deep real-time understanding and of "Velocity", "Variety" and "Volume", whilst also securing the "Veracity" of the data and any results generated (with scale). 

Ericsson will provide the instrumentation and reporting for the 4 key practice areas: Systems Automation, Business Intelligence, Cloud Orchestration and Data Assurance. Ericsson enables customers to achieve true real-time Data Loss Prevention and protection, while qualifying Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that guarantee the integrity of delivered assets.