The offering provides customers with a unique, massively scalable approach to system integrity, based on a global Ericsson infrastructure for generating and verifying data signatures that give independent mathematical proof of time and integrity as well as attribution of origin.
The industrialized Ericsson solution is capable of signing and verifying the entire world’s information set per second with verification independent of key-stores, administrators or trusted parties.

Daniel Ehrenstråhle, Head of Strategy & Portfolio Management, BU Cloud and IP, Ericsson, says:
In the Networked Society, one of the most valuable assets for businesses is data, both for running internal operations efficiently and creating competitive advantage through superior market insights. It is crucial for all businesses to be able to trust the integrity of their systems, networks and data when used in decision-making. The ability to detect, withstand, respond to, and recover from attacks or security breaches will need to become a cornerstone for all businesses in the Networked Society.
With the number of connected devices growing exponentially and an increasing amount of machine-generated data, there is a need for scalable solutions that can provide authentication, proof of tamper- and corruption-free operation.

The Data-Centric Security portfolio provides a global security infrastructure based on Guardtime’s KSI technology. It includes the following solutions: Ericsson Cybersecurity, Ericsson Big Data Regulatory Compliance, Ericsson Industrial Infrastructure Assurance and Ericsson Internet of Things Security.
The solution comprises products and professional services for assessment, design, and build, including the operation and maintenance of a security operation center as-a-service.

Ericsson and Guardtime at Mobile World Congress 2015

During Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain, Ericsson is showing world-leading technology, service capabilities, and innovations. The Networked Society is transforming entire industries. ICT tools have become fundamental everyday resources for businesses, people and society.