This alliance launches 3D Printing assurance services and tools so that CIO’S & CTO’S can be assured their Intellectual Property is protected through distribution and consumption, with the benefits of Guardtime defense-grade enforcement and auditing mechanisms for commercial production. The joint solution offers 3D Printing supplier and distribution integrity, secure 3D management streaming, and continuous monitoring tools, which can assure the quality of digital production data.

Harvard Business Review says 3D printing enables goods to be “manufactured at or close to their point of purchase or consumption.” This is turning manufacturers, retailers and brands into Intellectual Property publishers subject to new technologies and unknown risks. Gartner estimates that by 2018, 3D printing will result in the loss of at least $100 billion per year in IP globally.

Simultaneously this shift is creating new opportunities for corporations looking to reduce lead times and logistics costs, increase flexibility, and secure and authenticate supply chains. Guardtime and Authentise’s strategic partnership will help their customers exploit these opportunities by assisting them to incorporate new production techniques into existing value chains securely.

The suite of solutions offered through the partnership also directly addresses new supply chain authentication and validation requirements for both foreign and domestic militaries by controlling the quality, configuration, and security of design information and IP for 3D printing. Both Guardtime and Authentise together mutually support enhanced integrity, security, and production quality compliance.

Together, these solution thereby reduce the likelihood of, and mitigate the consequences of, unknowingly producing or installing counterfeit components or unauthorized use of IP. With these tools, efficiencies can be realized for component testing and evaluation, including developmental, acceptance and operational testing.

Andre Wegner, CEO of Authentise, comments: “3D Printing is no longer about prototypes. Manufacturing of final components already represent more than 30% of services in the industry and is of growing importance. Now software and services have to follow suit, and IP loss and litigation are a major concern. Through this partnership we are able to provide traditional supply chain actors with end to end security and indemnification that they need to benefit in this new era and stay ahead.”

James Blom, Executive Vice President at Guardtime, says: “Manufacturing and supply chains are rapidly digitising, moving production to the point of purchase and indeed moving similarly the way music and film has done previously. Stakeholders are now facing a digital trading economy and need to adapt with a focus on quality, integrity, and IP rights enforcement. We are privileged to be assisting our government and enterprise sponsors and customers across Europe and Asia in addressing these challenges.”

About Authentise
Authentise builds security and big data applications for 3D printing. Its cloud software is deployed by design owners aiming to profit from the digital manufacturing revolution and the resulting trend to produce objects closer to the point of use. Founded at Singularity University in 2012, the company is based at the NASA Research Park campus in Mountain View, CA. For further information on Authentise please visit, or follow @authentise on Twitter.