There is very limited interoperability in the US Health Care system today – paper prescriptions, poor records management and the complexity, cost and liability of transferring records from one institution to another.

Guardtime’s integration attempts to provide seamless and automated interoperability by integrating in to robust commercial EHR systems such as Epic Systems, providing a mechanism to link data across disparate systems and authoritative boundaries without the need to trust intermediaries.

Mike Gault CEO of Guardtime said: 
“The harsh reality is that reducing fraud in health-care is a monumental task and blockchain technology can only be part of the answer. The hard part is getting things to work within existing systems. This integration shows that it is possible to provide an immutable chain of evidence for a health-care record throughout its lifecycle, thereby addressing one of the biggest limiting factors to seeing health-care interoperability in the US, namely liability management. By leveraging blockchain technology and integrating in to existing systems it is possible to generate an immutable chain of evidence for a health-care record through multiple disparate health care institutions." 
Matthew Johnson, Guardtime CTO added:
“Our unique approach provides a provenance graph for any digital data – showing its lineage history (source and state).  Regardless of the asset type, whether it be a virtual machine in the cloud, an ERP supply chain record, or an EHR in a health-care system; it is now possible to see through organizational boundaries and understand the history of digital data.  We are excited to bring this technology to US health-care markets.”

This Epic Systems integration builds on Guardtime’s work in Estonia and integration into the Estonia Health Care Oracle data management system. The Estonian health-care system is consent based – patients control access to physicians, pharmacies and family members. Everything is digital and backed by blockchain - meaning that every access and update of health-care records are registered in the blockchain providing an immutable audit trail of activities.