The first production use case for Guardtime’s KSI blockchain add-on for Oracle database - as implemented with eHealth foundation of Estonia for a national database of health records - concerns persistent data warehousing and rapid reporting on unauthorized changes made by privileged insiders, as well as legally sound forensic proof of individual record integrity for external and regulatory compliance purposes. 

Guardtime CEO Mike Gault said: 

“Oracle is the world’s leading database vendor and hosts a large percentage of the global enterprise data. Our KSI blockchain integration for Oracle is not only easy to deploy, but also scalable enough to instrument every single database entry with blockchain backed assurance. This new integration will deliver enhanced security and auditability to Oracle customers today”.      

With the KSI add-on for Oracle database customers receive a solution that removes the trusted insider dependency and gives customers independently verifiable proof that the database records, backups and audit logs have not been tampered with. The solution provides mathematically verifiable, real time evidence of the integrity, timeliness and sequence of data and events without expensive encryption schemes, obfuscation or chains of trust.  

Guardtime’s KSI blockchain technology can register and validate billions of events per second, and is therefore uniquely suitable for providing widely witnessed integrity evidence for database applications, ensuring near real-time registration, followed by immediate verification capability at the record level, regardless of the scale of the database. 

About Guardtime

Guardtime is the first and only platform for ensuring the integrity of data and systems at industrial scale. Guardtime created KSI to take on the challenges of today's perimeter-based security systems and secure the integrity of systems in today’s increasingly digital world.Built on an industrial blockchain, KSI signs any and all data across a system, allowing independent verification of time, location and authenticity for any moment in history. Guardtime's mission is to build the essential backbone for truth, assurance and integrity for our digital societies.