Lee comes to Guardtime as a 16-year veteran of connecting customer and business needs with world-class game-changing products. He has relentlessly pursued the leading edge of technology, garnering extensive experience in the areas of strategy, product management, product marketing, software development, IT management, and  B2B customer support. 

As a successful business leader, mentor, and idea generator, his focus has been on disruptive mobile and security technologies for some of the leading mobility providers including BlackBerry (9 years), Fixmo (4 years), and most recently serving as Director of Product Management at Good Technology where he was responsible for the Integrity Assurance and Risk Management product line.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be joining the Guardtime team. Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) has deep implications for mobility. I will be guiding product strategy around a number of areas including how KSI can be leveraged to build, deploy and operate quantum immune mobile networks, true chain-of-custody through integrity-based mobile forensics, non-repudiation and attribution for mobile payments.Mr. Cocking said. “In a world exploding with highly capable smartphones, wearables and connected devices, the expanded security perimeter is challenging traditional data governance models. Guardtime’s KSI blockchain technology eliminates trusted authorities, providing forensic quality evidence for regulators, law enforcement and compliance officers struggling with new regulatory requirements around data privacy and security”.

James Blom, EVP of Corporate Development and Worldwide Field Operations said “Lee brings with him an unprecedented understanding of security and mobility. Our recent partnership with Ericsson addressing the 69 Billion USD data safety market  emphasizes the importance of integrity and security for next generation telecom infrastructure and we are excited to leverage his expertise to guide our customers as they struggle with data governance in the new regulatory landscape”.

Lee spent the last four years building out a real-time integrity-based tamper detection and continuous monitoring platform for mobility that allowed Department of Defense organizations to increase assurance levels and complete the triad of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability for their largest mobile deployments. Working with government standards bodies, this device integrity capability is now a standard for government mobility, shipping on millions of mobile devices through partnership with OEMs. This knowledge and experience directly maps to mobile-focused KSI solutions addressing  mobility’s biggest challenges and providing a scalable platform for mobile governance and compliance.

Mike Gault, Guardtime CEO said “We continue to consistently attract top notch security, networking and software professionals. What Guardtime is developing will be a critical element of IT and Telecom infrastructure for decades to come and we are thrilled to be hiring world class professionals to help create the future of digital society”.