According to the Estonian Minister of Defence Jüri Luik, more and more countries are contributing to their cyber-attack capabilities and instruments for conducting electronic warfare.

Kusti Salm, National Armaments Director at the Estonian Ministry of Defence, said that Estonia's interest at the event is to introduce its defence industry, create opportunities for exchanging contact information, and raise Estonia's status and awareness regarding electronic warfare.

Luc Dandurand, Guardtime's Head of Cyber Operations, said that the traditional EW has a lot of similarity to cyber, and events that join these two fields together help military staff better understand the complementarity of these capabilities. Mr Dandurand continued:
"We're happy to have shared our experience and knowledge on large-scale cyber exercises and discussed the future of cyber ranges, including how traditional EW assets could be brought in to further enrich the experience for our military customers."
A total of 15 international companies and government delegations from 27 countries participated in the three-day event; attendees included companies such as Textron Systems, Teledyne Defence & Space, Saab and Guardtime.