"The Internet of Things is rapidly transforming our lives, placing increased demands for security and authentication," said Mr. Pim Tuyls, president and CEO of Intrinsic-ID.
"Intrinsic-ID is taking a leadership role in examining the special security needs of the Internet of Things throughout the Silicon-to-Cloud eco-system and encouraging partners to build solutions around SRAM PUF as a key enabling technology. Our PUF technology no longer appears in just a single point product, it is quickly becoming an integral part of a rich tapestry of digital security solutions."

The summit will unfold in three sessions starting with the semiconductor and operating systems view, which will include presentations from Microsemi, Wind River Systems and VMware. The second session will focus on IoT applications with representatives from Guardtime, GlobalSign and Medium One talking about blockchain solutions, device identity and sensor data analytics. The supply chain perspective will be highlighted in the third session with presentations from Comcast, the prpl Foundation and Mentor Graphics.

About Mike Gault

Mike Gault is CEO and Founder of Guardtime. After completing his Ph.D. on the numerical analysis of advanced semiconductor devices, Mr. Gault was awarded a European Commission Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship to research quantum computation at Tokyo Institute of Technology. He founded Guardtime in 2007 and leads the commercialization of Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI), a blockchain stack for generating cryptographic metadata at scale. The metadata proves the properties (time, identity, integrity, provenance) of the underlying data without reliance on trusted parties.

The summit will take place on October 24th at Michaels at Shoreline in Mountain View, California from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Pacific Time).