Guardtime Health has appointed Ain Aaviksoo as its Chief Medical Officer. Aaviksoo, previously the Estonian Government Under Secretary for e-services and innovation in health care, will be a key member of the Guardtime Health’s leadership team and will help guide product roadmap and lead public policy initiatives for the company.

Guardtime is the first company to deploy blockchain technology in live production health-care environments, starting in Estonia, the most advanced e-Health nation in the world, followed by the UK NHS through partnership in primary care with Instant Access Medical (IAM).
Guardtime’s HSX platform is used to connect major stakeholders in the health-care ecosystem with three layers of functionality:
APIs - to enable clients to immediately take advantage of blockchain technology through APIs for data integrity, data provenance, anonymization, consent and identity mapping.
Transport - by providing a layer of connectivity and integration with major EHR systems such as EPIC and Cerner, it provides directory services and seamless transfer of health data with blockchain-based guarantees for immutability and provenance.
Applications - Over the Top applications and services developed with partners, including clinical trial patient acquisition, outcomes based pricing, medication track and trace and medication adherence monitoring.
Glen Ogden, General Manager of Guardtime Health said
“HSX works like a central nervous system, connecting stakeholders within the health supply chain, creating a frictionless ecosystem where data can be shared with complete trust and transparency. Guardtime’s HSX platform places the patient at the center, rapidly unlocking the power of data driven health-care.”
Ain Aaviksoo, MD MPH, Chief Medical Officer Guardtime Health said:
"My own professional experience as well as international literature confirms that most patients are willing to share their data for medical reasons as long as they know where it’s going and what it will be used for. What's been missing, outside of Estonia, is a mechanism for patients to give consent, decide with whom to share data and at the same time guarantee security and compliance with privacy regulations. Guardtime’s HSX enables this to happen, whether this is between providers, speeding up a medical insurance claim, medical research into new therapies, participating in a clinical trial or obtaining access to medication based on outcomes based pricing."
Mike Gault, CEO of Guardtime said:
“Health care represents 15% of US GDP and 10% of global GDP. The industry has long suffered from massive inefficiency, fraud and needless intermediaries in the value chain.  Leveraging our blockchain technology to help address these issues is a key goal for the company and has the potential to significantly advance the human race. We are delighted that Ain has joined the health team and look forward to seeing great work ahead.”
Aaviksoo graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tartu (MD) and Harvard School of Public Health (MPH). He worked previously in the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs as the Chief Information and Innovation Officer, and before that as a physician in East-Tallinn Central Hospital, health policy researcher and consultant for the World Bank and think-tank PRAXIS and as health-tech entrepreneur.
About Guardtime:
Guardtime is today the world’s leading enterprise blockchain technology company with its products and solutions used in production on a daily basis by clients in defense, telecom, health, insurance, government, commercial banking, logistics and manufacturing.