It’s the year 2035. 99.8% of the Earth’s surface is being monitored in real time by video, either in low earth satellites, ground-based IP cameras or human wearables. All the recorded video is collected, stored and analyzed in real time. There will be no need for passwords – who needs a password, if the system knows where you are at all times. Sensors inside your body will give it full situational awareness on your location, health and desires. You will always be connected. Crime, or at least unpunished crime, will cease to exist.

Privacy is Dead. Long Live Accountability.

The reality is that most people would gladly give up their privacy in exchange for the shared benefits, whether it is alerting them to an imminent heart attack or helping the security services track down terrorists. Facebook and Google have taught us people will give up their privacy for far less. However, what people do expect in return is accountability for the holders of the information. Legal due process in cyberspace.

US President Barack Obama said in June ’13 that you can’t have 100% security, 100% privacy and zero inconvenience. We agree.

You can however have 100% accountability, across all networks for all citizens and their respective government institutions that serve them. Estonia has figured it out; the answer is called the KSI.

KSI: Proof of History in 256 bits.

All electronic activity (be it a frame of video, message, transaction or digital event) generates a unique fingerprint, the DNA equivalent for electronic data. KSI is a technology for capturing and aggregating those fingerprints and linking them to time using mathematics. KSI enabled networks around the world aggregate activity and produce one global fingerprint per second, distributed in real-time to all.

The global fingerprint is published electronically every second but also physically in the world’s physical media, thereby ensuring that any attempt by rogue administrators to manipulate data can be detected.

Estonia is the first Government to operate a KSI enabled network meaning that every event on Estonian networks can be verified in the future as correct, preventing future governments, local or foreign from manipulating history. Soviet or any other type of revisionism can never happen again.

In a future digital society the system may be omniscient and omnipresent. Thanks to KSI it won’t be omnipotent. History will remain the same.

Please join Guardtime and others in United Nations Dag Hammarskjöld Library Auditorium on Monday September 23rd at 1300.