Guardtime today announced the general availability of DomainGuard, a comprehensive solution to protect organizations from Subdomain Takeover. 

Cloud infrastructure is easily deleted and changed, this can happen accidentally in mere seconds. When a vulnerability is detected, it can take only seconds to get control and serve up malicious websites or applications. This is compounded by the fact many efficient cloud-ready enterprises are using code or machines to make decisions about changing the infrastructure. Often times this happens with no visibility to the business owner until after it is too late. 

Matt Johnson, Guardtime’s Global CTO:

"Subdomain takeovers put a company’s brand at risk from defacement and are increasingly difficult to identify for companies using cloud-based web services. We are excited to deliver a cost effective, easily deployed solution to our customers.”

 With DomainGuard, business owners and cloud operators gain real time visibility into the cloud infrastructure, protecting organizations from Subdomain Takeover attacks. The Guardtime solution not only recognizes and alerts stakeholders in seconds, it also prevents malicious actors from having the ability to execute the attack.

Currently organizations are attempting to prevent these attacks by running resource intensive and slow scans on infrastructure or paying out millions of dollars a year in bug bounties to "whitehat" hackers that expose these vulnerabilities before the malicious actors have the opportunity. These mitigations are not always effective, not predictable for IT budget strategy, nor do they protect the brand image as many whitehat findings are still made public. Guardtime has noticed this issue and has created a unique solution to the problem.

 A 30 day no cost trial of DomainGuard is available. Please contact [email protected] for additional details.
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