Full launch press release:

Truth, not Trust – Big Data Governance, Integrity and Security Solved – Avoid Your "Snowden".

London | July 31, 2014

Ground-breaking security technology, developed in collaboration with the Estonian government to make big data governance practical, prevent data breaches and provide integrity and accountability, is being made available to the UK Government for the first time – by Guardtime and Rainmaker Solutions.

Current security practices force organisations to trust an outsourced provider, a state-of-the-art cyber-security appliance, a firewall, security critical configurations, and/or the credentials and administrators (trusted insiders) and auditors used to manage them. Organisations have no practical way of continually verifying their trust is well founded and therefore their data is safe.

With cybercrime having been described as ‘the greatest transfer of wealth in history’* and the cost of ineffective cyber security estimated to be $3trn (£1.75trn) by 2020*, this approach is clearly not working.

The cyber security industry’s best intentions are missing the point. 

The vast majority of attacks to cloud service providers, governments, multinational enterprises, and connected devices are in fact integrity attacks.

Dr Ahto Buldas, chair of information security at Tallinn University of Technology and chief scientist at Guardtime, said:

‘In Estonia, Edward Snowden could not have committed his unauthorised act. With real-time monitoring of the integrity of digital events, his attempt to cover his tracks would have raised an alert and he would have been held accountable for his actions.’

Estonia became a world-leader in digital security after large swathes of the country’s infrastructure was shutdown during a three week wave of unprecedented cyber attacks in 2007. In response, Estonian scientists created a technology to ensure its national digital systems would not be compromised again, records lost, and/or modified.

Matt Johnson, distinguished veteran of the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations and Guardtime CTO, said: 

‘What I discovered was that Estonian scientists have built a near perfect detection technology that allows every event on enterprise networks to be attributed and verified in such a way that the privacy of each event is maintained but the integrity of the events cannot be denied.'

‘Guardtime allows organisations to identify and visualise threats and changes to important intangible assets and data; such as copy and transfer, deletion, and manipulation – all in real-time. Our integrity instrumentation allows you the fundamental ability to tag, track, and locate your assets in cyberspace. A GPS for data.’

Guardtime’s Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) and solutions like GuardView and GuardVision make it impossible for insiders or cyber attackers to cover their tracks, demonstrating the truth (not trust) behind any data object in real-time. Guardtime’s solutions serve as fundamental integrity instrumentation providing independently verifiable proof of data creation time, authenticity, and identity without relying on cryptographic secrets or trust anchors like administrators. The solutions instantly alert organisations to any theft or manipulation of their data and provide a complete provenance picture, which can be resolved with forensic auditability that will hold up in a court of law. KSI solves the problem of big data governance, location, residency and sovereignty.

Disruptive technology consultancy Rainmaker Solutions has partnered with Guardtime to bring this technology to the UK Government. Rainmaker has a track record of driving technological innovation in both the public and private sectors. The UK G-Cloud is one example where it has helped the government use innovative technology services to break away from ineffective old models.

Mike Gault, CEO of Guardtime said:

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Rainmaker Solutions who have a proven track record in driving technology disruption along with deep experience in government technology innovation. Rainmaker will be a key partner for us as we continue to expand our base in Europe”

Jan Joubert, founder of Rainmaker Solutions, added:

‘With GuardView, GuardVision and KSI, the first Guardtime products to be released in the UK, Rainmaker will lead the way to creating true big data governance for the UK Government.’

‘We will help the UK Government safeguard personal information and safely deliver digital innovation. This will support economic growth through confidence in our data services and enhance the UK's reputation for being a world leader.’

For the first time UK organisations and citizens no longer have to trust that their data is protected, they can now verify the truth of its safety.

Learn more at guardtime.rainmaker.solutions and rainmaker.solutions