Among the speakers are Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany and Sebastian Kurz, Chancellor of the Republic of Austria. Speakers from the business community include Brian Krzanich, CEO, Intel Corporation; Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP; Christian Sewing, CEO of Deutsche Bank; Theodor Weimer, Chairman of the German Stock Exchange; Karsten Wildberger, COO of E.ON SE; and others.

Guardtime Estonia President Martin Ruubel will present on how economic growth and cybersecurity are increasingly connected, and why it is in our best interests to invest in better understanding this complex relationship to build successful societies for the future generations. 

Wirtschaftstag 2018 is organized by the The Economic Council (Wirtschaftsrat der CDU e.V.) - a German business association representing the interests of more than 11,000 small and medium sized firms, as well as larger multinational companies. The Council provides its members with a platform to engage in a continuous dialogue with leading decision makers, both in Germany and Europe.