Of course this is just the latest example of a code vulnerability and the harsh conclusion for modern security is that you have to assume you have been compromised. Applications and code always contain vulnerabilities and heatbleed is just the latest example that has been made public

  • ‘Zero Day Problem’
  • Implementation Specific Vulnerabilities (Heartbeat)
  • Practice and Policy Vulnerabilities
  • Trust Anchor Vulnerabilities
  • Exposure of Secrets (Key Compromise)
  • Malicious Insiders
  • Misconfiguration Issues
  • Increased Abstraction via Virtualization and SDN

GuardSHIELD: Assume Compromise

Our technology, KSI, is the only mechanism to provide exabyte-scale instrumentation for the digital assets on a network, whether binaries, configuration parameters, routing tables, data stores or events logs, giving you mathematical certainty that your infrastructure is in the correct state and alerting you when it is not. 

It is still impossible to prevent unauthorized acts, but it is possible to have 100% detection and real-time mitigation.