A Few of the Reasons why Encryption is not Enough

  1. You can't encrypt systems (binaries, configuration files, routing tables etc)
  2. You can't audit encryption
  3. Encryption gives you a false sense of security
  4. To break encryption you simply need to compromise credentials.
  5. You can't encrypt data in use
  6. You can't prove encryption is working

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So if encryption isn't enough, what else is there?

Data-Centric Security

There has never before been a native forensic capability that is based on the provability of systems and data integrity. This capability exists today. The move to data-centric security is a paradigm shift in thinking.

  • From 100% Protection is Impossible  to 100% Detection is Possible
  • From Encryption to Systems & Data Integrity
  • From Perimeter-Centric to Data-Centric
  • From Confidentiality to Integrity
  • From Trust-based, Human-based security to Math-based, Machine-based security
  • From Hope to Proof

Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are not a new concept. What is new is Guardtime's approach of instrumenting integrity - of systems and the operational rules that define their use, and then detecting a breach in real-time and being able to act up on it. At the heart of our SOC offering is Black Lantern, designed to monitor and enforce integrity across an enterprise.