SUMMUS Global, the Expert Physician Network and concierge service, yesterday announced a partnership with the leading global healthcare blockchain platform, Guardtime, to deliver next generation virtual health concierge services to the Asia market. The partnership will create an integrated platform to combine video or voice access to leading medical specialists from anywhere in the world with a GDPR compliant blockchain technology. The platform will enable virtual access within days to leading specialists across all health topics, with a secure, updatable medical records management system that can integrate across existing healthcare networks globally. 

SUMMUS Global and Guardtime will be launching this innovative service in Asian markets where there is scarcity of access to leading medical expertise. Full localized concierge operations and translation services will support virtual access to a curated Expert Network of 4000+ top specialists from leading hospitals. SUMMUS is pleased to provide a virtual platform for leading doctors from the top 20 US hospitals, including the Hospital for Special Surgery, Stanford Medicine, Mount Sinai, Massachusetts General, and Memorial Sloan Kettering, among others.

With Guardtime’s HSX health connectivity platform it is possible to transfer medical data and images from one jurisdiction to another in accordance with local regulatory guidelines for consent  as well as providing mathematical certainty over the provenance and identity of medical records and devices. This presents a unique opportunity for all players in the healthcare ecosystem: providers and medical institutions, insurers/payers, and end users.

Julian Flannery, CEO of SUMMUS Global said:

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Guardtime, a pioneer in blockchain technology. The applications to healthcare, in particular, to the integrity of medical records and recording patient consent for data sharing across borders, are significant.

Glen Ogden, GM of Guardtime Health said:

SUMMUS is a world leader in specialist medical concierge services. This partnership represents an important milestone in connecting patients and with specialist health-care physicians anywhere in the world, satisfying regulatory consent requirements and providing assurance for the provenance and veracity of each patient’s personal care pathway”.

Channel Partners:

SUMMUS Global and Guardtime will be partnering with leading global and regional insurance providers to provide an innovative service to existing policyholders and penetrate new markets in the Asia. The platform and concierge health services will initially target High Net Worth and Mass Affluent populations across Asia and also be deployed as a corporate benefit. With a next-generation data and virtual health product, insurers will increase earned premiums and reduce loss or expense ratios:

  • Increase premium value with on-demand video or voice access to leading specialists through a secure, cloud-based platform, with the option to create a network of preferred providers to create price efficiencies in accessing the best medical institutions.
  • Provide complete medical record integrity to reduce financial liability and enable complete immutability of electronic health data to reduce fraud.
  • Consolidate data across all participants to handle claim requests, reduce overhead and enable data driven underwriting and cybersecurity protection. 

About SUMMUS Global

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