VaccineGuard is a digital infrastructure for interoperability, connecting different participants in the vaccine ecosystem (vaccine manufacturers, hospitals, public health authorities, certificate providers, wellness app providers, citizens, border guards, visualization providers, insurance companies), enabling data provenance verification across organizational boundaries and international borders.

VaccineGuard achieves this in a secure GDPR compliant way providing a feedback loop across the whole system enabling vaccine uptake monitoring, pharmacovigilance and counterfeit/diversion detection. The platform is made available through software APIs that do not require dedicated infrastructure with security and privacy delivered by design through Guardtime's KSI Blockchain.

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Global Business Summit

Business Summit, a virtual live event on the digital transformation to the new reality we live in today, was co-hosted by His Excellency Mr. Urmas Reinsalu, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Estonia and His Highness, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, The United Arab Emirates. An opening ceremony with the keynote session by co-hosts and Rt. Hon Tony Blair was followed by the summit sector events on e-Health, e-Education, e-Governance & Cybersecurity, Agriculture, Smart Cities & Logistics, Finance & Manufacturing.

The aim of the Global Business Summit was to continue down the path started with the Global Declaration on the Digital Response to COVID-19, launched on 1 July 2020 by Estonia and Singapore. The Global Business Summit transforms the digital response into practice with the contribution of the business community. The objective was for governments and businesses around the world to propose real solutions to the challenges that COVID-19 has posed to the global community.

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