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The HSX Health APIs can be leveraged and combined to provide software solutions to answer questions like:

At their heart is the scalable KSI blockchain which facilitates sensitive data being left in place as much as is possible, with any sensitive data access being subject to a full provable audit trail. Note that no data is registered into the KSI Blockchain itself - only hashes of data, any data movement is between known hosts in a point to point fashion using HSX secure transport.

Use Cases


Auditable MPC

Data process / transform


HSX Secure Transport

HSX Maps / Identity

KSI Blockchain

Black Lantern Anti-tamper Hardware

Guardtime HSX Health APIs:


Protect sensitive data records (such as clinical records) by registering their hash or 'fingerprint' into the KSI Blockchain, enabling independent proof at any time.


Provably demonstrate how data has evolved, how compliance procedures have been followed, across a network. Meta data can be associated with each step and each step verified in its own right. No historical steps can be inserted or removed without breaking validation.


Register consent directive rules that can be checked across a network against known situations and allowed organizations/identities and roles.

Auditable MPC (coming soon)

Perform multi-party computation across multiple participants on the network to form a collaborative result. The protocol does not reveal any underlying data, but creates an audit trail to later prove individual contributions in isolation as needed. Note that MPC algorithms are very specific and only a subset are supported.

BIND (coming soon)

Network wide as well as local identity reconciliation with GDPR compliance. Policies define who should see and be able to look up identifiers. 

Maps (coming soon)

Network directory of organisations with built in KYC checks to form a network of connected and trusted HSX nodes. 

Secure Transport (coming soon)

Transport layer tools that allow point-to-point secure, TLS encrypted transport with associated proofs, including data integrity.

Normalisation (coming soon)

Ability to transform between formats and versions (e.g. FHIR 3, 4) and deal with localised extension transformation. Includes a configurable data processing pipeline.

HSX APIs are offered as cloud services, and where required can be deployed locally via containers. Where needed, a local footprint is expected from the data owner and can be as simple as downloading tools and generating keys to interact with the APIs in many cases (in order to deal with any localized needs such as encryption and required data processing and data privacy).

The secure point to point nature of data flow within HSX also makes it possible to interact with several ecosystem participants and preserve privacy as much as possible, recording where, when and why data has  moved as needed.

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