Solving Real Healthcare Challenges With Blockchain Patient Engagement For Clinical Trials And Follow-up

Blockchain technology based solutions are providing new approaches for healthcare industry and patient engagement, whilst ensuring positive health outcomes for patients and combating rising medical costs.

Key benefits of KSI blockchain based HSX platform

Use case

Patient-controlled access to data and trial recruitment

Clinical trials are costly to run, each day a drug is delayed from market, sponsors lose up to USD 8M. Data show that 80% of clinical trials fail to enroll patients on time, and up to 50% of research sites enroll only one or no patients. A direct connection between pharma and patients is very sensitive, and in most of the world prohibited outright Guardtime HSX provides state-of-the art, dynamic consent management together with proof of identity and data provenance. Guardtime HSX can be used to recruit patients for clinical trials as for connecting directly to patients taking specific drugs.

Use case

Integrated care pathways on mobile

Patient medication adherence means the continuous monitoring and verification of patients to a specific, personalized treatment plan or Personal Care Pathway (PCP). PCPs enable significant cost efficiencies, ensuring patients are continuously updated on their treatment path, with 360-degree feedback of their progress to their GP. Medication adherence is the best way to ensure positive health outcomes for patients at the earliest opportunity and an essential tool in combating rising medical costs.

Guardtime HSX delivers a seamless experience for patients with the ability to integrate with existing legacy systems and pull data from multiple sources to provide one portal for patients with instant access to their primary care information, their personal care pathways and medication adherence support through their smartphone.

Recent Projects of Guardtime Health
World’s first blockchain-supported Personal Care Record

Launched in the UK, Guardtime HSX provides up to 30 million NHS patients with instant access to their primary care information, their personal care pathways and medication adherence support through their smartphone. The platform interfaces with all 3 major UK NHS GP systems enabling National Institute for Health and Care Excellence based personal care pathways to be rolled out to patients.

Blockchain-powered medical specialist platform

SUMMUS Global, the Expert Physician Network and concierge service, and Guardtime deliver next generation virtual health concierge services to the Asia market - enhancing patient choice. With Guardtime’s HSX health platform, it is now possible to transfer medical data and images from one jurisdiction to another in accordance with local regulatory guidelines for consent as well as providing immutability, provenance and identity of medical records and devices. This partnership allows patients to transport their personal care record with ease across the world to any doctor and provider in SUMMUS Global’s network.

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