Solving Real Healthcare Challenges With Blockchain Regulatory Compliance Of Health Data Processing

Waste, fraud and abuse in healthcare globally costs billions of dollars. Making sure third parties who access, store, manage and analyze health data are trustworthy is critical. GDPR and HIPAA compliant, Guardtime HSX provides immutable health data across multiple legal jurisdictions using blockchain technology.

Key benefits of KSI blockchain based HSX platform

Use case

Real-world data access and trials

The FDA estimates that almost 10% of the trials monitored feature issues related to consent management, such as failure to obtain informed consent, unapproved forms, poor quality patient data, and missing Institutional Review Board approvals. However - complete, consistent, and accurate data should be attributable, legible, contemporaneously recorded, original or a true copy, and accurate.

Guardtime HSX is able to adapt and build on the changing regulatory landscape globally. Unlike other blockchain solutions, Guardtime HSX does not distribute medical and patient identifiable information on an open distributed blockchain. HSX’s permission based blockchain solution provides patients and regulators peace of mind that medical data is unable to be tampered with from the outside.

Use case

Trustworthy big data analytics for biobanks and data lakes

Big Data can mean different things to different organizations, but few things are certain: the volume, velocity and variety of data are increasing at an exponential rate, and organizations must have a Big Data strategy to make better business decisions. Blockchain plays a significant part in providing assurance of integrity and authenticity of data, while guaranteeing non-repudiation.

Guardtime HSX blockchain technology is able to process millions of medical records per second - bridging the gap between real time health data and research. Utilising Guardtime HSX’s technology stack - researchers are able to access in real time medical data through an API for a third party AI solution.

Recent Projects of Guardtime Health

VOLTA – a Compliance Product for GDPR

VOLTA is Guardtime’s KSI® blockchain based solution that has been developed for managing personal data in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Ericsson and Guardtime Partner to Create Secure Cloud and Big Data

Ericsson announced its strategic partnership with industry leading security technology company, Guardtime to integrate KSI technology into Ericsson cloud portfolio to provide immutable evidence that will hold in court, and all associated capabilities are native and available at point of installation. The new offerings shall be forensically provable and all data shall have attribution with historical provenance. And evidence shall be portable and independently verifiable.

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