Solving Real Healthcare Challenges With Blockchain Value-based Contracting

As healthcare changes from a fee for service model to outcome-based pricing, the integrity and availability of real time data is central to payers and providers globally. The prospects of precision medicine require a new, technology backed approach to public health: where disease is intercepted, treatments are personalized, and patients are given tools to self-manage their condition. This is where blockchain technology proves indispensable.

Key benefits of KSI blockchain based HSX platform

Use case

Patient-reported outcomes

Today, expectations towards patient-reported outcomes have increased the interest in data from wearables and mobile devices.

Guardtime HSX assures that patient reported outcomes are delivered in real time based on clinician led care pathways - with the ability to identify and resolve instances where patient outcomes and risk is documented inaccurately.

Use case

Integrated care pathways on mobile

Patient medication adherence means the continuous monitoring and verification of patients to a specific, personalized treatment plan or Personal Care Pathway (PCP). PCPs enable significant cost efficiencies, ensuring that patients are continuously updated on their treatment path, with 360-degree feedback of their progress to their GP. Medication adherence is the best way to ensure positive health outcomes for patients at the earliest opportunity and an essential tool in combating rising medical costs.

Guardtime HSX delivers a seamless experience for patients with the ability to integrate with existing legacy systems and pull data from multiple sources to provide one portal for patients with instant access to their primary care information, their personal care pathways and medication adherence support through their smartphone.
Use case

Medicines integrated with IT-platform

Payers, providers, regulators and pharma need a trusted network for interaction. Also, payment and financial systems need to be updated in real time, in order to manage risk and to integrate with third party payment systems, CROs and legacy EHRs.

Blockchain integration into existing commercial EHR systems provides health-care interoperability across health-care institutions with a means to verify the entire history of a health-care record back to its creation with mathematical certainty of the provenance and integrity.

Guardtime HSX providers stakeholders in a healthcare ecosystem a single source of truth to prove the veracity and provenance of medical data. Today, the healthcare data is mired in siloed legacy system - Guardtime HSX provides a bridge to interoperability across legacy systems, third parties, hospital operating systems and patient owned wearables and data solutions.

Recent Projects of Guardtime Health

World’s first blockchain-supported Personal Care Record

Launched in the UK, Guardtime HSX provides up to 30 million NHS patients with instant access to their primary care information, their personal care pathways and medication adherence support through their smartphone. The platform interfaces with all 3 major UK NHS GP systems enabling National Institute for Health and Care Excellence based personal care pathways to be rolled out to patients.

Guardtime Announces EPIC Systems Integration, Targets US Health Care Interoperability

Guardtime’s integration attempts to provide seamless and automated interoperability by integrating in to robust commercial EHR systems such as Epic Systems, providing a mechanism to link data across disparate systems and authoritative boundaries without the need to trust intermediaries.

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