Our Business Portfolio

Guardtime's expertise is in building enterprise product. We work with partners, leveraging our technology stack to build new products and services which we then take to market. All our businesses are based on the same underlying technology platform, enabling us to go from idea to production in a matter of months.


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Insurwave is an equity joint venture between Ernst and Young (EY) and Guardtime to digitize and automate processes in the commercial insurance industry. The platform went live in 2018 with benefits including speed and accuracy for  settlements and claims, bringing risk closer to capital and improving capital requirements under Solvency II.

Guardtime Health

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Guardtime Health is dedicated to bridging the gap between patients, providers, payers, regulators and life science companies by seamlessly transporting data across multiple stakeholders delivering secure use of a single truthful version of health data.

Our HSX platform is in live commercial use within the Estonian health-care system and enables application development through software APIs for solutions as diverse as data access  (consent) management, virtualized clinical trials, outcomes based contracting, medication adherence, downstream diversion detection and upstream  active substance provenance.


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SICPA Guardtime  SA is an equity  joint venture between SICPA, a world leader in government security solutions and Guardtime. The joint venture is focused on combining the expertise of both companies and building new blockchain based applications for the public sector. 

Guardtime Federal

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Guardtime Federal (GTF) is a Delaware limited liability company established in 2014 to exclusively support the cyber security and related requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Intelligence Community, other U.S. government departments and the industrial community that supports these U.S. government organizations.

To mitigate any potential for inappropriate foreign influence, GTF operates independently, consistent with a pending DOD Special Security Agreement with the Defense Security Service. GTF embraces the stringent federal regulations geared to assure government customers of compliance with US security objectives. This guarantees government customers, and their other enabling Cleared Defense Contractors, issues like FOCI have been successfully mitigated ensuring protection against inappropriate disclosure of export controlled, OPSEC sensitive and classified information.

Guardtime Telecom

Guardtime Telecom is dedicated to providing solutions for the telecom industry ranging from cross carrier identity, network security, assured transport (cryptographically proving the path of packets through the network and the associated state of  infrastructure that they have passed through), end to end provenance for physical supply chain infrastructure and many other customized solutions.

KSI will be the dial tone of the 21st century: a new source of revenue for telecom operators who deliver KSI blockchain services to support industrial applications at scale. 

Guardtime Telecom announced a partnership with Verizon in 2018 and will deliver a series of new KSI related products in 2019 and beyond.

Guardtime Audit and Compliance

This is a business unit of Guardtime that is focussed on productizing KSI technology for the automation  of audit and compliance operations. Example solutions that have been built and deployed in production include "data rights management" i.e. providing consent rights to citizens for the use of their data in enterprise databases and "dynamic attestation of compliance" for cloud infrastructures, simplifying the audit process for CISOs who are migrating and managing workflows in the cloud.

These offerings  are targeted at auditors, who can offer audit and compliance as a service,  reduce their costs, differentiate their offerings and migrate their business models through software process automation.

Guardtime Cyber Range & Exercises 

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Guardtime Cyber  offers a highly automated and scalable cyber range platform and a portfolio of accompanying services to help government and private sector clients increase their preparedness against cyber threats and to achieve cyber resilience through highly specialized training, exercises and evaluations. 

The company won the contract in 2017 for the design of the next generation NATO cyber range - home of the largest cyber exercise in the world, NATO's Locked Shields - and offers automated exercises for enterprise clients to access on a subscription basis, delivering a range of exercises from simple scripted attacks to highly complex scenarios based on artificial intelligence

Crypto Custody

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This is a partnership with Swiss company Metaco. With its combination of ultra-secure and fit-for-purpose hardware and software, SILO enables custodians to seamlessly integrate crypto assets into their business operations in an exceptionally secure, reliable and scalable manner.
Combining Guardtime Black Lantern advanced hardware platform capabilities with Metaco's crypto wallet software, together we have developed the most secure crypto custody platform on the market. 

Guardtime SCM

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Guardtime SCM is a business unit of Guardtime that is dedicated to solving supply chain challenges for the manufacturing, defense, life sciences, telecom and other industries. Supply Chain is a perfect example of a multi-party process. and blockchain is completely useless if you cannot connect the physical to the digital. Our SCM platform provides unique ways to connect the physical to the digital and extend that to provide end to end provenance guarantees for problems as diverse as pharmaceutical downstream diversion, oil and gas mass balance, medicine counterfeit detection, import export compliance, excise  tax automation and many others.

Guardtime AHS

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Guardtime AHS (Advanced Hardware Solutions)  is a business unit of Guardtime that is focused on delivering start of the art hardware security solutions for partners who want to differentiate their software offering through on-premise hardware solutions.

Deploying secure hardware for on-premise solutions still relies primarily on HSMs  (hardware security modules) which are designed primarily for storing keys - not for building complete solutions. By leveraging our accredited Black Lantern Anti-Tamper platform partners get differentiation and new revenue opportunities.

Guardtime Energy

Guardtime Energy's objective is to be the leading security company in the utilities industry providing state of the art technology to protect the electric grid and supporting infrastructure. The company was formed as a result of an award by the United States Department of Energy and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) with whom we work closely to develop the architecture, roadmap and engineering requirements. Example customized solutions for the industry include historian security and migration, supply chain management and device state and integrity monitoring. 

Guardtime Cybersecurity

Guardtime Cybersecurity is a business unit focused on productizing our technology stack for cybersecurity applications. Our flagship product MIDA is a completely new approach to security where every digital asset (firewall rules, configs, virtual machine images) are wrapped in a cryptographic container which provides the integrity and provenance information for that asset. Any change in that asset that is outside of policy can be detected and mitigated in real time in direct contrast to the traditional approach of  log analysis and anomaly detection.

The integration of KSI technology into networking infrastructure such as switches and routers provides a mechanism for "assured transport" cryptographically proving the network path of packets and the state of the infrastructure those packets have travelled through