Ensuring Channel and Goods Integrity across Supply Chains

Guardtime SCM brings novel solutions to bear that raise consumer confidence in the authenticity, integrity and provenance of the goods they have purchased.

In allowing a customer to secure the authenticity of the physical item with the humble mobile phone (or more advanced scanning technology), a brand owner is able to forge a new kind of trust based relationship with its consumer base and partners. This is possible with the combination of Guardtime's SCM platform with overt and covert marking technologies provided by our partners.

Key benefits of Guardtime SCM with KSI blockchain

Use case

Ensuring Authenticity, Integrity and Provenance of Fine Wine

In certain quarters there is an epidemic of ‘fake wine’, where unscrupulous operators refill or counterfeit expensive bottles of fine wine, which is impacting European wine producers in particular. In addition there are increasing numbers of false claims (for example about variety or region) being made by local and international wine producers. This illicit activity is impacting on the profit margins of producers and is causing a loss of confidence in the fine wine market.

Guardtime has partnered with Sicpa (www.sicpa.com), a world leader in marking technology, to bring a set of solutions for the authenticity, integrity and provenance of physical goods through its SCM platform.

With physical marking technology deployed to the label and screw top, a physical inspection and a scan of a bottle is able to provide confidence in its authenticity. A link is made to the immutable provenance records held by its digital twin which is managed by Guardtime SCM, which can provide reassurance to a consumer or distributor of its history including origination and chain of custody across the supply chain.

 Once established the communications channel between brand owner and consumer can be leveraged to build the relationship. Guardtime SCM connects parties though its decentralised platform which has a common trust anchor. Automated business processes may be configured such as payments and reconciliations which produce a verifiable and auditable provenance trail.

Recent Projects with Guardtime SCM
Guardtime Provides Authenticity and Provenance Supply Chain Solution for Australian Fine Wine

Guardtime and its partner company Sicpa were selected to provide an end-to-end solution to the challenges facing the Australian fine wine industry in the areas of authentication and provenance.

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David Shorthouse

General Manager, Guardtime SCM

Mr Shorthouse Ph.D is an engineer by background with training in mathematical, computational and electrical engineering. Prior to joining Guardtime he had more than 25 years of experience in product and business development in derivatives, banking and insurance. At Guardtime David is engaged in the exploration and exploitation of KSI blockchain technology for supply chains, with particular focus on innovation and digital transformation.