The  introduction of any new technology can increase the complexity of the network, overloading an organisations operational resources and highlighting gaps in the skills and capabilities of teams who are already committed to looking after existing systems and services

Design-Build-Operate-Transfer (DBOT)

Guardtime's Design-Build-Operate-Transfer (DBOT) model provides clients with a flexible solution for delivery, operations and optimization for a pre-defined period. Specific plans for client’s organization competence build up are defined and executed.

How DBOT Works

The DBOT model includes services from across the project lifecycle, such as design services, build services (network implementation and operations set-up), operations services, the transfer of operations (or Guardtime or our certified service provider partners continue operations in a managed services approach), and related project management and consultancy services.

Guardtime also delivers ongoing services that are designed to develop and grow your competence. Together, these services support an effective handover of network operations and optimisation from us to you.

Business Benefits

DBOT ensures faster time-to-market, with guaranteed service performance from day one. At the same time, it builds operation and maintenance competencies within your organisation.

Steps Involved

Design - The first part of an engagement is to offer an audit or existing network architecture, resulting in a risk assessment on gaps and vulnerabilities. We then design the integration of the KSI technology stack into an existing SOC (Security Operations Centre) and NOC (Network Operations Centre).

Build - Guardtime via our certified system integration and service provider partners will build and deploy all components of the SOC architecture and provide the KSI service. Your company can become a certified system integrator/ service provider by going through the partner certification process .

Operate Guardtime and our service provider partners can operate the service and SOC for an extended period of time via a managed services contract to ensure a faster and efficient go to market strategy. The service provider can be a public service or a private service operated within your own network.

Transfer - During the operation period Guardtime and its certified training partners can train your staff and help to ensure a smooth transfer of operations. Once the transfer has been completed your firm can become an SI and provision and control your own internal deployments off a public service or on premise.