Security Challenges for DevOps

DevOps is becoming the standard framework for making developers work hand-in-glove with operations to make sure whatever software gets built is actually deployable and easily updated, in every platform. The challenge however is that security frameworks have not evolved at the same pace.

Cloud Service Providers expose APIs and software interfaces so customers can interact with those services. Risk is increased as credential management system complexities, cryptographic key management, and automation require handoff of credentials to third parties in order to enable their agency.

With the velocity of these value-added service delivery components, their associated interfaces, credential management, and increased automation and M2M abstraction, security vulnerabilities are inevitable and credentials can be – and have been – compromised. The early days of SAML implementation for online shopping and CRM systems highlighted the threat to these services.

To manage the threats, despite of all the automation in place, the security supply chain is often still a manual process, meaning that the security operational model (tools) and framework (process) are decoupling from the business and rest of IT and there is an urgent and pressing need for trustable automation and an operational model to support it.

KSI for Security Automation

KSI provides security automation via attributed networking – Tag, Track and Locate every digital asset with real time attribution back to a machine or human source. By applying that principle to configurations it becomes possible to have real-time verification of the integrity of your network – independently from system administrators and outsourced service providers. There is no longer a need to trust anyone – you can verify all activity independently from the people who are working on your behalf.

When malware infects a crucial network or system component, the changed state of the asset provides a real-time alert, which can then be investigated, audited, and/or behavior stopped, putting the odds back in favor of defense. With this real-time awareness, real-time incident response, real-time data-loss prevention, it is possible to detect and react to any misconfiguration, network and/or component/application failure.

KSI implemented into DevOps frameworks provides security automation at the data level – independent verification and attribution for everything that happens on a network – eliminating the need for manual supply chain for security anywhere in the process.

How to Get KSI for DevOps Platforms

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