Powering Accountable Governance

Guardtime is currently active in two major geographies, Europe and United States helping governments and their telecommunication partners design and build a secure, resilient and transparent digital society.

European Union

Estonia is the world’s leading digital society and a recognized leader in eGovernment. in 2007, under the auspices of the Estonian Government and the small country’s private sector, a team of Estonian cryptographers, network architects, software developers and security specialists designed the digital signature system that would eventually lead to KSI, providing exabyte-scale real-time authentication for all the world’s networked digital assets. In Estonia KSI is used for independent verification of all government processes and protecting e-governance services offered to the public.

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United States of America

Guardtime Federal and its partners are actively working with accrediting authorities to ensure standardization of KSI technology across federal networks where deployment provides real-time authentication and monitoring for all digital assets, including firmware, software, configurations, data stores and event logs in compliance with regulatory risk management framework guidance (NIST SP 800-53, CNSSI 1253, and ICD 503).

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