Preserve, Analyze and Report on Insider Manipulation

Detecting and mitigating a malicious Insider’s activities has created a myriad of costly solutions that provide little relevance to the day-to-day issues organizations must contend with. Governments, companies, and individuals leverage more networks than ever before to pass proprietary, critical, and mission-related information around the world. Today, networks carrying mission-critical data must remain available (above all else) and yet at the same time secure.

This problem is exponentially compounded with BYOD integration, enriched collaboration services, and external network/service integration (where the organization may not control the endpoints). As the reliance on information networks grows, the threat from a malicious insider using their legitimate accesses to subjugate the policies and procedures put in place for data protection grows as well.

Preservation of Evidence with KSI

With the portability of evidence afforded by KSI signatures across any closed, virtually closed, or open network; it is now possible to preserve, analyze, and report on Insider manipulation activities across these networks – in real-time.

KSI Insider Threat Services deliver three core elements; all built to DoD  standards to address new regulatory Risk Management Framework guidance for continuous monitoring of cyber assets (see NIST SP 800-53, CNSSI 1253, and ICD 503):

  • Real-time monitoring and detection of insider threat activity across even the largest enterprises
  • Fully portable forensic evidence and chain of custody of the suspect(ed) activity and attribution.
  • Training and Education services dedicated to Insider Threat Detection, Reporting, Mitigation, and Eradication

With KSI Insider Threat Mitigation Solution integrated into an enterprise, malicious insiders with know that they cannot cover their tracks, and that those tracks will be detected and communicated very quickly. The evidence of their activities can be immediately delivered for action without exposing the underlying content, or other expected activities in the enterprise. Meanwhile, the risks of unintentional threats are reduced dramatically, as detection and recovery timelines shrink. Coupled with training and education delivered appropriately to all levels of the organization, KSI Insider Threat Services help ensure that both malicious and inadvertent threat activities are actually reduced over time.

How to Get Insider Threat Mitigation Solution

Guardtime's products and solutions can be purchased for your environ-ment following our Design, Build, Operate, and Transfer (DBOT) model.