M2M Infrastructure 

Guardtime’s portfolio of KSI solutions for M2M enables machine operators to run more secure services and establish accountability and indemnification in industries ranging from automotive, healthcare, financial services, defense, smart energy to environmental protection.

Real-time Situational Awareness for Machines and Their Data

Without the doubt, M2M as a paradigm is here to stay, the benefits for society and business are clear and undisputed. The question is how we manage all those devices supporting our tomorrow’s way of life, how do we ensure the safety and security while operating those vast machine grids? Guardtime’s KSI is a massive scale, real-time data assurance technology, and as such, is perfectly suited for ensuring that the M2M infrastructure remains always manageable and accountable.

KSI provides complete assurance of the M2M infrastructure, irrefutably answering the following questions, in real-time, in a massive scale:

  1. Executable Integrity:  “Which code is the Machine executing?”
  2. Event Integrity: “What did the Machine do and who communicated with it?”
  3. Machine Data Integrity: “Can the data that the Machine is collecting be trusted?”

Customers are alerted to operating exceptions when the integrity checks for any of the above fail, and pre-defined measures can be triggered.

KSI Benefits for M2M:

M2M Infrastructure Transparency

With KSI, there is no need for customers to trust the M2M operator or even their own systems administrators – all electronic data about the M2M operation can be verified independently of any organization or human being, using only formal mathematical methods.

Accountability and Indemnification for M2M Incidents

With mathematically provable KSI-based audit trail for all the data about the M2M operation, the accountability for any incident becomes undeniable, coupled with automatic indemnification for the parties not responsible for the incident.

M2M Data Privacy

Implementing KSI throughout the M2M infrastructure enables supervisors and as well as third parties to independently establish whether M2M data privacy has been breached.

M2M Active Integrity™

KSI enables an early warning system into the integrity breaches of M2M executables, data and logs by constant re-verification of existing signatures, making it possible to discover and remedy any vulnerabilities before large-scale damages can occur.

How to Get KSI for M2M Platforms

Guardtime's products and solutions can be purchased for your environment following our Design, Build, Operate, and Transfer (DBOT) model. 

We're always happy to discuss your concrete requirements, please register your interest.