Supply Chain Challenges

Increased complexity in modern supply chains means effective and efficient control of large, geographically dispersed supply chains have allowed for an increase in supply chain errors.

This has direct impact on effectiveness, efficiencies, and overall ability to meet mission needs, together with our partners, we have identified eight challenges that can be solved through implementing a relevant blockchain strategy:

      • Supplier Compliance and Audits
      • Regulatory Compliance
      • Better Customer Experience
      • Global Visibility for Item Level Track and Trace
      • Anti-Counterfeit
      • Recall Management
      • Security of Manufacturing Processes
      • Contract Manufacturer over production

When looking at the current operational environment, there are a few common issues that most physical supply chains are attempting to solve:

      • Lack of Cross Boundary Trust – Due to the fact multiple entities participate in a single supply chain, a common operational trust mechanism is either too expensive or technically infeasible  
      • Requirement of Single Boundary Authentication – Because a single entity holds the “proposed point of truth”, access to that point of truth requires entities outside of the primary authority boundary to authenticate or login to the ERP. This requires accounts in multiple enclaves, increased technical and financial burden on the primary point of truth holder, and an increase in overall risk since the new accounts now exist in the primary point of truth holder’s environment.
      • Requires export of “proposed” environment state – Because there is not a cross boundary mechanism to prove the actual truth, an option is for the primary point of truth holder to export the current proposed truth. This requires translation from the primary point of truth holder’s technical format to each consumer or customer of the primary manufacturer. Because there is no common trust model, this must be accepted without proof.
      • Single view of “proposed” environment state – Because there is only a single holder of the truth, the only view any entity in the supply chain has is that of the primary manufacturer.

Blockchain Solution

Guardtime provides key components to redraw the ways in which physical supply chain challenges can be solved, providing an innovative solution to uniquely verify data, across boundaries, in real time, and independently without the use of shared secrets or cryptographic keys.