Object storage is one of the best options for an organization looking to cost effectively store its unstructured data. With no file-system based bottlenecks, scaling is not an issue and for any Cloud-based applications, object storage is in fact the only way to go for keeping the data on disk.

Service Providers are increasingly looking to add additional value with their storage products avoiding the race to the bottom of competitive pressure. Integrating KSI into existing Object Storage offers exactly that. It solves the regulatory issues around long-term data archiving and can be easily enabled on top of the existing storage solution to bring in new revenue streams from the existing infrastructure.

Solution Summary

KSI enabled Object Storage makes every object independently tamper-evident, meaning it is possible to prove the authenticity of each and every stored object individually, without needing to turn to Service Provider or any other 3rd party.

The solution is completely transparent for to the end-user as every object is automatically signed using KSI technology. KSI enabled Object Storage provides  customers with three dimensions of validation for objects in the Object Store:

  1. Time:  Has this object been changed since a specific point in time?
  2. Integrity:  Has this object been changed since it entered the Object Store?
  3. Origin:  Has this object been created by the required entity?

By integrating active integrity checking customers are alerted to operating exceptions when the object does not meet one or more above checks and pre-defined measures can be triggered.

Solution Benefits:

  • Regulatory Compliant Archiving: Software based WORM. A massive cost saving against dedicated hardware solutions.
  • Protection Against Insider Attacks.  Prevents accidental and malicious tampering of data from going unnoticed.
  • Mutual Auditability. Service providers get indemnification from cyber liability as they can prove that their actions did not impact their customer’s data.
  • Portability of Evidence. Signed objects can be verified electronically, wherever they go, how ever many servers they have been through and whose ever hands they have gone through without loss of compliance strength.
  • Regulatory Transparency. With an independent mathematical audit trail for all stored data, regulators get independent proof that the stored data has not been modified.
  • Simplified Service Level Agreement (SLA). With indemnification from claims against data tampering, the need for pages of legal documentation is gone.

How to Get KSI for Object Store WORM Platforms

Guardtime's products and solutions can be purchased for your environ-ment following our Design, Build, Operate, and Transfer (DBOT) model.