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The only solution to meet the scalability, security and efficiency needs of money and payments systems for the next quarter century

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The last 10 years have seen significant innovation in money and payments: smartphones have given billions of users access to e-money and banking, while cryptocurrencies are ushering in a revolution in finance.

In spite of this progress, today's financial technology cannot support the 
use cases of tomorrow. Continuous progress in big data, automation and communications is enabling ambitious new visions for mobility, energy, health, media, manufacturing, education and government. These will require financial infrastructures that are exponentially more scalable, efficient and secure.


KSI Cash is a breakthrough digital cash, payment and settlement infrastructure designed to meet the scalability, reliability and security requirements of the next quarter century.

The design of KSI Cash is the result of new theoretical and applied research into money and payment systems and zero trust applications. 


  • Scales to millions of transactions per second
  • Payment = final settlement in less than one second
  • Handles billions of end-user devices, credentials


  • Zero trust system, secure against insider and outside attacks
  • Resilient deployment models ensure uninterrupted availability
  • Preserve end-user privacy while still meeting AML, KYC requirements


  • Low operational cost
  • Ultra-low environmental footprint 
  • Continuously self-auditing

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KSi Cash for cbdc

KSI Cash has been built from the ground up as a purpose-built central bank digital currency (CBDC) system.

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Guardtime conducted a global survey of consumers to assess their readiness to start using a CBDC.

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