KSI Technology

As the only mathematically provably secure, real-time data authentication technology, KSI (Keyless Signature Infrastructure) allows you to say goodbye to key stores, certificate management, trusted insiders and third parties. 

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  A.H. Tammsaare tee 60
  11316, Tallinn, Estonia
  Phone: +372 6 555 097

Guardtime USA:

  530 Lytton Avenue
  Palo Alto, CA 94301
  Phone: +1 (415) 342 4753 


for Big Data Platforms

Complete accountability & auditability for the administrators, regulators and consumers of large data sets. 

KSI enables Big Data security by design.

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for Cloud Platforms

Exabyte-scale integrity for cloud environments, proving the absence of compromise and ensuring complete transparency, accountability, attribution & auditability for service providers and their customers.

Trust is not a Cloud security strategy!

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