Industrial Scale Blockchain

The first and only platform for ensuring the integrity of systems, networks and data at industrial scale.

KSI Technology

Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) is a blockchain technology that provides massive scale data authentication without reliance on centralized trust authorities.

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Latest press

Big Data, with Blockchain

Guardtime's Defensible Data Platform is based on our KSI Industrial Blockchain technology and enables enhanced continuity of operations, enables chain of custody for critical digital assets, and introduces a forensic capability into Big Data to enable eDiscovery.

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Defense and Aerospace

Extending Full Spectrum Dominance to Cyberspace

Guardtime offers its Defense and Aerospace partners next-generation anti-tamper hardware, solutions for defending critical networks from nation-state level attackers, designing and tailoring network defense or providing end to end data-centric security for sensor platforms..  

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BlockCloud: Re-inventing Cloud with Blockchains

Over the last 10 years two of the most important technologies that have seen widespread adoption have been virtualization and Bitcoin. Virtualization paved the way for cloud computing and the Bitcoin protocol has the potential to reinvent finance using cryptographic building blocks called blockchains.

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Ericsson and Guardtime Partner to Create Secure Cloud and Big Data

Ericsson's offerings shall have built-in KSI-based forensics capabilities at point of receipt and offer real time protection from Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), malicious insiders and corrupt practices.

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