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KSI Technology

Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) is a blockchain technology that provides massive scale data authentication without reliance on centralized trust authorities.

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KSI Blockchain Integration
for Oracle 11g and 12c

Guardtime's KSI blockchain integration provides a out of box capability for real-time independent data assurance for Oracle database owners, enabling them to deliver independent verification of the integrity of a database records, database backup and audit logs.  

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Defense and Aerospace

Extending Full Spectrum Dominance to Cyberspace

Guardtime offers its Defense and Aerospace partners next-generation anti-tamper hardware, solutions for defending critical networks from nation-state level attackers, designing and tailoring network defense or providing end to end data-centric security for sensor platforms..  

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Lockheed Martin and Guardtime Federal Target Data Manipulation Cyber Threats

Using a specialized mission support system, Lockheed Martin and Guardtime Federal demonstrated a pre-packaged technology that mitigates data manipulation attempts by internal and external threats.

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Ericsson and Guardtime Partner to Create Secure Cloud and Big Data

Ericsson's offerings shall have built-in KSI-based forensics capabilities at point of receipt and offer real time protection from Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), malicious insiders and corrupt practices.

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Guardtime Federal Appoints Jeffrey Schrader as CFO

by Martin Ruubel