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Verify COVID-19 status of individuals and maintain an accurate overview of vaccination program effectiveness.

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VaccineGuard is a digital infrastructure for connecting different participants in the vaccine ecosystem (vaccine manufacturers, hospitals, public health authorities, certificate providers, wellness app providers, citizens, border guards, insurance companies) enabling data provenance and verification across organizational boundaries and international borders. VaccineGuard achieves this in a secure GDPR compliant way providing a feedback loop across the whole system enabling vaccine uptake monitoring, pharmacovigilance and counterfeit/diversion detection etc.

The platform is made available through software APIs that do not require dedicated infrastructure with security and privacy delivered by design through Guardtime’s KSI Blockchain.

This is the opportunity to get out of the crisis. Now and globally.

Ain Aaviksoo
Guardtime’s Chief Medical Officer

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  • No centralized database to keep individual health information

  • No new infrastructure needed

  • Works with paper and digital applications

  • Easy to integrate with existing IT systems and workflows

  • Overview of vaccination roll-out and pharmacovigilance


  • No new infrastructure needed

  • Easy to integrate with existing IT systems and workflows

  • End-to-end supply-chain traceability and pharmacovigilance

  • Real-time intelligence for counterfeit and diversion mitigation


  • Guaranteed privacy of personal data

  • Guaranteed quality of tests and vaccines

  • Guaranteed accountability by governments and manufacturers

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