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VaccineGuard is a distributed data exchange platform for vaccination campaign management that enables counterfeit and diversion detection, vaccine allocation prioritization, just in time stock and supply, pinpoint recall and rapid adverse reaction detection.

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Award-winning digital platform to curb covid-19 pandemic.

  1. Real-time detection of counterfeit and diverted vaccines
  2. Manages vaccination campaigns for patients (onboarding, dose timing etc)
  3. Generates globally valid privacy-preserving digital vaccination certificates
  4. Provides real-time insights on vaccination uptake for public health authorities

VaccineGuard is a digital platform that connects the different participants in the vaccine ecosystem. This includes vaccine manufacturers, hospitals, public health authorities and citizens. By enabling these participants to share data and verify its authenticity across organizational boundaries and international borders, VaccineGuard enables real-time insights, pharmacovigilance, counterfeit detection and many other benefits enabling a faster and reliable pandemic response.

Benefits of VaccineGuard to the participants in the vaccination ecosystem


  • Quick info on distribution and vaccinations
  • Authentic vaccine supply assurance
  • Global vaccination data interoperability


  • Convenient cross-border travel
  • Transparent access to authentic vaccines
  • No personal information sharing


  • Real-time reporting from last mile
  • Early counterfeit and diversion warning
  • Reliable post-market quality monitoring

This is the opportunity to get out of the crisis. Now and globally.

Ain Aaviksoo
Guardtime’s Chief Medical Officer

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Deployment of VaccineGuard

VaccineGuard can be implemented on-premise with APIs for integration into existing solutions. It can also be delivered as software as a service with zero systems integration required for vaccine manufacturers, public health authorities and care providers.


Who is behind this initiative?

VaccineGuard is a product created by Guardtime in collaboration with the Estonian Government. It is also contributing to the digital health collaboration that the Estonian Government has offered to the World Health Organization (WHO) in support of the global Smart Vaccination Certificate initiative.

What is the state of readiness?

VaccineGuard is based on the same Guardtime technology that has been used in production outside the healthcare domain for mission-critical operations since 2008. VaccineGuard is an adaptation of this technology and is currently being supported by AstraZeneca and the governments of Estonia, Iceland and Hungary, and was fully deployed in early 2021.

Who are the targeted users of VaccineGuard?

National vaccine program managers or NGO’s and healthcare workers implementing vaccine programs, as well as vaccine manufacturers and distributors are the primary users. Additionally, individuals wishing to travel internationally, and border control agents are also targeted users.

How different users of VaccineGuard interact with each other?

VaccineGuard uses the KSI blockchain to create signed attestations of events (ie. transfer or acceptance of vaccines, or administration of a vaccine). These attestations, called dockets, can be transferred from from one party to another by API based on configurable rules, or by presenting a QR Code that can be used to retrieve them. VaccineGuard is a distributed network that allows participants to maintain control of their own data, sharing it only with those who they wish.

Would it be possible to use only few modules of the system instead of the entire platform?

VaccineGuard is entirely modular, only the features that the customer wants need to be utilized.

Is it possible to translate VaccineGuard platform to a local language? If yes, who will do the translation?

Yes, VaccineGuard is built to accommodate internationalization. Translations will be prioritized based on adoption needs. Any partners or customers who wish to assist in the translation process can certainly help!

What accreditations does the solution have?

The underlying technology, KSI®Blockchain is an eIDAS qualified trust service for timestamping.

What do we need to do in order to engage with you?

We can begin engagement by onboarding your organization to the VaccineGuard Pilot Network, where public health authorities, care providers and pharma companies are already piloting this product. This is done under a 30-Day trial period during which we would begin detailing the specific requirements of a production deployment.

Is it possible to use VaccineGuard for other than COVID-19 vaccines also?

Yes, VaccineGuard is fully compatible with other kinds of vaccination programs.

To what extent is the solution recommended by the EU commission? Is this going to be standardized?

Both the EU and the WHO are working on the standards and principles relating to Smart Vaccination certificates. We are in constant consultations with the Estonian Government and relevant bodies within the European Commission (eHealth Network) and the WHO, so that VaccineGuard would be in compliance with the standards once established.

How does this compare to using PKI?

VaccineGuard uses KSI blockchain signatures to create attestations of vaccine creation, handling, and vaccination - every process that occurs during the supply chain, from lab to jab. VaccineGuard can be used to create vaccination certificates, but the real value is in its ability to help countries manage their vaccination programs, by providing real time insights into demographics, and other factors relevant to epidemiology. The KSI Blockchain signatures are uniquely suited to creating these attestations, when compared to PKI, because the KSI blockchain does not require a centralized authority and provides a much easier and faster onboarding experience, which is critical to rolling out a Vaccination program monitoring tool quickly.

What are the different deployment models for a country?

VaccineGuard can be deployed in an on-prem environment, or self-managed cloud subscription. VaccineGuard can also be delivered in a SaaS model, for those not wishing to perform infrastructure maintenance.

How much time the deployment takes?

VaccineGuard is deployable through automated scripts, allowing a full deployment to be accomplished in a cloud environment in as little as two hours.

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