Legally and technologically feasible approach with low uncertainty and risk to individuals and involved parties using real world health data for pricing agreements and other aggregated analytics:
  1. Consumption, diagnosis and outcome data from independent data source.
  2. Access to data without the risk to patient data privacy.
  3. Scalability and sustainability with reasonable administrative burden for multiple contracts with varying data sources.

The benefits of REAL WORLD DATA ENGINE for data holders:

  1. Only encrypted data moved and processed outside of data holder's domain.
  2. Automated auditing built in.
  3. Each data use case has to be agreed by the data holders.
  4. Easy to set up standard main components.
  5. Automated pre-configured operation.
RWD-E provides and ensures
  1. Real World Data Engine

  2. Healthcare in transformation

  3. Passing fad or game-changer? Outcomes-based contracting in life sciences. EY

Ten leading pharmaceutical companies - initiated by Roche and co-ordinated by the Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (LIF) - have partnered with Guardtime to enable the visibility of “real world data” in healthcare, with the ultimate aim of realizing outcomes-based contracting.

LONDON, 25 JUNE 2019. EY today announces plans to expand the current Health Outcomes Assessment platform through a collaboration with Sensyne Health and Guardtime.

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