LONDON, 25 JUNE 2019. EY today announces plans to expand the current Health Outcomes Assessment platform through a collaboration with Sensyne Health and Guardtime. The platform is the first of its kind for the health care industry and will help provide an end-to-end solution for outcomes-based contracting; an approach that ties the payment of medicines to the achievement of specific clinical and patient satisfaction benchmarks and efficiency improvements in patient treatment pathways. Through the planned collaboration, Sensyne Health will be engaged to add clinical artificial intelligence (AI) and Guardtime will add blockchain technologies to help enable the platform to scale faster, leading to fairer reimbursement and access to novel treatments for patients.

The collaboration will aim to solve one of health care’s biggest challenges – accurate and fair patient reimbursement against the actual health outcome provided by health care providers and drug manufacturers.

Under the arrangement, EY teams will bring independent contract assessment, contract management and automated business process experience to allow pharmaceutical companies and health care providers to share data and help manage real-world outcomes-based contracts at scale with transparency and trust. Sensyne Health will use its clinical AI platform to evaluate patient health impact. Guardtime will run its HSX bridge software, built on the KSI blockchain. Through this technology, health care data will be transported securely with a transparent audit trail allowing immutable evidence of how each data element is viewed and used.

Dan Mathews, EY EMEIA Life Sciences Leader says: 

“We are delighted to be working to deliver the triple win: with life sciences companies increasing access to medicines, health care providers achieving greater efficiency and effectiveness and, most importantly, more patients getting better health outcomes. This is possible through the combination of novel technologies and a supporting commercial model that allows industry collaboration.”

Lord Paul Drayson, Sensyne Health CEO, says:

“This new collaboration will position Sensyne at the center of a technology solution to one of the major challenges facing global health care – how to link reimbursement to the benefits provided to patients. We look forward to working with EY, Guardtime and global pharmaceutical companies and payers to help deliver this new capability.”

Mike Gault, Guardtime CEO, says:

“Payers, providers and pharma have long aspired to move toward value-based health care; this collaboration will make it possible. Guardtime’s KSI blockchain technology will help ensure patient-level data visibility without compromising data privacy, helping to ensure all participants can collaborate securely and with confidence. We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration will bring to the health industry.”