Aletheia, Guardtime's partner in China, today announced the award of a contract from Putian Hospital Group to deploy Guardtime's HSX platform within the largest private hospital in Putian, Fujian Province, China.

The deployment of the HSX platform provides data integrity, data assurance alongside a suite of blockchain APIs for consent-based data sharing, assured transport for interoperability of patient records as well as supply chain transparency for on premise critical medical supplies.

The platform is initially targeted at two use cases.

Patient Assured Data

Automated, immutable, registration of critical medical data across key hospital information systems, covering examination results, patient medical files and diagnostic platforms with guaranteed cryptographic proof of its lineage, human or machine, giving doctors absolute confidence in the provenance and veracity of patient data, including who or which machine created it, who approved the data for clinician use and when. 

Assured Medical Supplies

End to end immutable audit trail for all critical medical supplies within the hospital so administrators and doctors have total confidence in the availability and provenance of the consumables needed to treat their patients. 

Jian Tan, Aletheia CEO said:

"Putian is well known in the healthcare industry whose investors collectively own 80% of the private hospitals across China. We’re delighted that our first healthcare customer is such a prestigious institution from this province. Our platform will not only bring trust, transparency and integrity to hospital information systems but it’s APIs will allow collaboration with third parties, accelerating access to outcome based treatments, furthering population health research in academia and offer patients access to medical adherence apps and technologies to manage their health more effectively.”