The Dutch Judicial Information Service (Justitiële Informatiedienst, JustId) has selected Guardtime’s KSI Blockchain technology for integrity assurance of new e-services. The blockchain integration will ensure transparency, auditability and security of the information processed in government systems.

Martin Ruubel, President of Guardtime Estonia said
“We are thrilled to be partnering with the team at JustId who have studied and tested Guardtime’s technology for the last six months and selected Guardtime after a careful analysis of alternatives. Governments don’t need decentralization just for the sake of decentralization. They need the benefits that can be achieved through decentralization and blockchain technologies – data immutability, single source of truth, independent auditability - and with Guardtime they can achieve these goals in an elegant, accredited and performant manner without needing to compromise on data privacy or security.”
The contract represents another government production use case for Guardtime whose customers now include China, Netherlands, Thailand, and Estonia. Together with SICPA, Guardtime recently launched a solution for US voter registration databases as well as a secure corporate registry solution for private companies.

Siim Sikkut, Estonian Government CIO said
"The Estonian Ministry of Justice has been using blockchain technology solutions for better auditability and integrity purposes since 2012 and the technology is used for many e-services in Estonia today, such as the Land Register, the e-Business Register, the State Gazette containing passed laws and regulations, etc."