Andri Rebane, Director of Cyber Policy Department, Estonian Ministry of Defence: 
"Operated by the Estonian Defence Forces, the NATO Cyber Range facilitates the largest international joint exercises and offers cyber training for experts from Estonia, its allies and partners, which in turn ensures better preparedness for cyber-attacks, thereby increasing our own cyberspace deterrence capabilities as well as the capabilities of our allies." 
Luc Dandurand, the Head of Cyber Operations at Guardtime, added:
"As a culmination of the multi-year preparation and development work, Guardtime will help to bring the NATO Cyber Range automation capabilities to the next level, enabling far more complex and larger scale exercises to be carried out with fewer resources, higher realism, and much increased precision in addressing training requirements." 
The NATO Cyber Range is one of the most capable cyber exercise environment in the world today.  Aside from the everyday operations supporting the development of the Alliance's cyber capabilities, it's the host of the largest and most sophisticated multinational live-fire cyber exercises in the world, NATO's Cyber Coalition and the CCDCOE's Locked Shields, which in 2019 involved more than 4,000 virtualized systems facing more than 2,500 cyber-attacks over its course.

Mike Gault, CEO of Guardtime said:
"We are delighted to see our cyber range business mature. Over the past 2 years, we have conducted numerous large scale cyber exercises in the energy, financial and defense sectors, and received universal acclaim from clients. In terms of scenario sophistication, scope and execution quality, we believe there is nothing comparable available in the world today. Cyber training and exercises represent a major growth area in the world economy and we look forward to invest further in this business in partnership with defense contractors and leading cybersecurity organizations."