Solving Real Healthcare Challenges With Blockchain Efficient Supply-chain Management

Guardtime HSX platform bridges the gap between patients and pharma by providing the missing layer of security. As a result, Big Pharma with its deep understanding of medicine can now connect directly with patients and enhance outcomes and efficiency of health systems.

Key benefits of KSI blockchain based HSX platform

Use case

Preventing counterfeit drugs

According to the World Health Organization counterfeit drugs costs the pharmaceutical industry $30 billion a year directly, and costs healthcare systems globally billions more indirectly.

Guardtime HSX provides a real-time blockchain audit trails for drug development, production and distribution, including last mile delivery. Guardtime in partnership with SICPA, the world’s leading provider of physical identification, traceability and authentication, is able to provide end to end identification and real time tracking of a drug supply chain.

Recent Projects of Guardtime Health

Securing the Physical Supply Chain: PUF Technology and KSI Blockchain

Estimates put the cost to network equipment manufacturers of counterfeit equipment in the billions of dollars per year, not including the cost of reputational damage due to security breaches associated with sophisticated attackers leveraging counterfeit gear to breach networks.

Guardtime And Authentise Form Strategic Partnership For 3D Printing IP & Supply Chain Assurance Services

Authentise, the leading provider of authentication services for 3D Printing, and Guardtime, the inventor of KSI, have launched a strategic partnership to address 3D Printing marketplace integrity, liability, and security challenges.

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If Google organizes the world's information and makes it universally available, then Guardtime validates that information and makes it universally reliable. We are a team of over 150 cryptographers, developers and security architects, with decades of experience defending networks from nation-state attack.